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Home health care: Convenient care at your doorstep

Picture this: You’re walking down the road. You don’t see the stone in your way, trip over it, and sprain your ankle. The doctor plasters your foot because you’ve torn a ligament and advises daily physiotherapy for a month. Now, you live on the 3rd floor in a building without an elevator or have no one to drive you to therapy every day (and a daily cab is too expensive). What do you do?
This is one of the many situations where “home health care” services can come to your rescue.

What is home health care?

Home health care refers to a range of health care services that you can avail at home. The service provider matches you with a qualified, experienced, verified, and efficient health care professional who will visit you at the desired time and place. Several services, such as physiotherapy, elderly care, nursing, dietitian consultation, blood sample collection, and patient monitoring are covered.

Why is home health care important?

Home health care services take care of the four Cs of health care:

  • Convenience
    You don’t need to travel to the doctor’s (or therapist’s) office and wait in long queues. This is especially useful for orthopedic patients and frail elderly patients. Moreover, you can pick a convenient time slot; for example, book a blood test for a time convenient to you, rather than rush to the laboratory at their given time. For some people who get anxious at the thought of visiting a clinic, home health care services also increase the comfort level.
  • Cost effective
    Doorstep service cuts the expense for the commute to the therapist/doctor’s office. Also, most home health care services offer reasonable rates and discounts, especially for regular clients. Such services are typically cheaper than hospital room charges, so for patients who can be medically discharged, home health care makes economic sense.
  • Continued personalized care
    You are matched to a suitable expert from among several carefully selected, highly qualified, trained, and experienced professionals (including nurses, laboratory technicians, physiotherapists, etc.) whose credentials and background information have been thoroughly checked and verified to ensure technical soundness and safety. This type of service is especially useful for elderly patients who may be diabetic and/or need constant help and monitoring by a trained medical professional. Such care is not possible by family members who have their own professional and household obligations, may live in another city/country, and are not technically equipped to administer injections, give tube feeds, dress wounds, check vital signs, measure blood pressure etc.
  • Comfort and familiarity
    Patients in recovery who are approved for medical discharge can be given appropriate home-based nursing care. Being in the comfort of their own home, without restrictions on visits and privacy speeds up their recovery.
  • In today’s age of doorstep delivery of everything ranging from food to furniture, home health care has joined the list! With more and more of us living in nuclear families today, the need for home health care services is on an all-time high. The assurance that your loved one is being cared for by competent professionals means the world, and home health care services are designed to ensure this very experience for you and your loved ones.

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