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Challenges in the existing home health care services

Today, more families in India are getting nuclear. Young members are moving out for job transfers or better prospects. Even people employed in their hometown spend almost 12 hours daily out of the home for their jobs, with a long commute and lengthy working hours demanding most of their day. In such situations, taking care of an ailing or immobile family member who requires long-term personalized home healthcare becomes extremely challenging. The patient may be a family member who is recovering after invasive surgery, someone with poorly controlled diabetes who needs regular monitoring, or someone in need of eldercare services, or who requires physiotherapy at home after an accident/sports injury. Once the patient is discharged from the hospital following medical treatment, he/she will need personalized medical home care from a dedicated medical/paramedical professional. This calls for one or more experts, such as a home nurse, physiotherapist, and/or doctor. The most obvious, practical, and economical solution is to avail home health care services, were certified, trained, and verified medical/paramedical professionals come home and provide patient care. However, the current home care system in India has certain limitations and lacks the optimal structure and reliability needed to provide comprehensive home-based care. • No online presence This makes it difficult, sometimes impossible, to identify a suitable service provider. • Limited services Most home health care services offer only home care nursing or elderly care services; they do not have other professionals such as dieticians or clinical psychologists on board. • Lack of quality healthcare Very few home health care service providers have a good pool of trained and experienced caregivers. This reflects in the quality and of health care and may affect patient care. • Unprofessional attitude Patients and their relatives often complain of non-punctual, rude, and careless behavior of caregivers. This is common with home health care services that don’t conduct background checks for their caregiving staff (resulting in the employment of unsuitable caregivers) and don’t seek feedback from their clients. Lack of a feedback system allows the unprofessional behavior to continue since the caregivers face no consequences. Keeping these shortcomings in mind, MedRabbits was established to provide quality home health services that overcome the existing challenges. We, at MedRabbits, pride ourselves on our exemplary, standardized, and specialized home care services. • Online booking You can book the required services online through our website or mobile app. You can even make bookings remotely if you want to schedule an appointment for a friend/parent who lives in another city. • Cost-effective You don’t need to pay any subscription fees; becoming a regular user will let you receive special offers and deals! • Multiple health services We have various health care professionals on board and offer a one-stop solution for all home health care services. • Freedom of choice You hire a home caregiver as per his/her training, experience, and ratings – all of which are listed on the app. You can choose the professional, appointment time, duration, and type of healthcare services you need. • Efficient feedback system You can rate each in-home caregiver as per your satisfaction level. We use this feedback to improve the quality of our healthcare services. • Easy tracking You can track the location of your professional in real-time; this helps you estimate their time of arrival without the need for repeated calls. • Security We conduct thorough background checks for all our caregivers and ensure that they are trained, skilled, and experienced in their area of expertise. As an additional measure to address the security concerns you may have, especially when an unfamiliar professional is caring for your child, we use nanny cams that allow you to keep a continuous watch on your child from a remote location. With the changing dynamics of family life, healthcare systems are evolving too. With our highly specialized, secure, and efficient home healthcare services, you are always in good hands with MedRabbits. Get in touch for your home health care needs. Visit us on social media links Call us at 9112266969 or drop a message @ 9112266969

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